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Como podemos fazer a diferença?
How can we make the difference?
Comment peut-on faire la différence?
Come possiamo fare la differenza?
¿Cómo podemos hacer la diferencia?

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark

There is a place where you can leave your bike unlocked and you'll have the security that when you be  back, it'll still be there. By the way it happens pretty much about everything, a car door that leave open up, a wallet, kids play along,strollers with no worries, happy shine people having fun... This is an important thing to, talk about  the people, everyone is polite, always with a beautiful smile on their faces. This might be also because everything works there, You have your house, you do you college and your faculty by the support o the government,  to your right job...  Actually if look for peace Copenhagen is a awesome place and you'll might find it there. The whole city is just like a beautiful portrait of what life and peace should be. But there also the wild side... You can hear lots of screams coming form TIVOLI amusement park (hot tip: cameras don't mach with roller coasters). Every single Friday of summer you can find pretty good live shows around there. Try to set up your visit to the poshest and also oldest amusement park of the world - TIVOLI:  http://www.tivoli.dk/
Where Walt Disney got that idea?! You might find the answer here!
A crazy stuff to see is the city within Copenhagen named Christiania - a free town (?!). You need to go to see for yourself, because here is not allowed to use cameras...What happens in Christiania stays in Christiania...
Go visit The little mermaid - Hanse Christiana Andersen will be pleased! Is essential to pass by the NY Carlsberg factory with huge elephants at the crossing gate. Don't forget to browse around Strøget (the largest pedestrian shopping area in Europe). Go to a few to the most beautiful parks that you can find as Rosenborg Slotshave and Frederiksberg Have. Swing and jump on Harbour Bath!