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Como podemos fazer a diferença?
How can we make the difference?
Comment peut-on faire la différence?
Come possiamo fare la differenza?
¿Cómo podemos hacer la diferencia?

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Friday, June 17, 2011

A letter to a steady wind

I would like to write down here that there are a few people say that we, Brazilians, don’t fight for anything. I just think that it’s amiss saying that, it’s a phony statement and a terrible idea to think that, but I’m aware that it’s just an opinion, simple as this one that I’m giving right now. 

Also, for me, is very important to keep on going questioning myself, like, why the hell am I writing this stuff in English? Since I’m Brazilian… I think is more remarkable to make questions, more than statements and affirmatives things. Part of that thought comes on an idea that I have that each of us has a part in everything that happen in our world.  But no… Blame it on who? Blame it on somebody… Please… Who? Who will carry the weight of some kind of guilt on his shoulders? No, don’t blame it on anything… Don’t point… And that is a big issue too…  A wrong think that keeps on going is the “pointing” to a person. Point a finger is not polite… 

As an actor, I found beauty in everything that keeps me on a philosophy way of trying to understand life and the matters that it concerns. So through photography and film making process I’ve discovered a whole new perspective of a way to see the world, without the pointing thing… We see, we take a glance of that moment that one day made history.

Every time that I look those pictures they bring tears to my eyes, but not only because I took then, actually I don’t feel at all as they belong to me, it’s just the opposite, after I push the button of the camera the picture is everything, except mine, they were born to run free as they were by the that small glance of a sparking moment that you hear a simple “click”, so they belong to the whole world. They speak for themselves and it is crystal clear that they mean lots of things, and they touch us in our inner part, the most beautiful one.

Sometimes we need to amend our rights as citizen and everybody has to do that in order to improve and conquer an urge of an aim, which in a soon future it will allow us and the young ones to have a fresh spirit that will be out there always fighting and it'll be, most of the times, concerning each of us why we are here. 
Every day we are able to make a difference, and as the times goes by we change slightly our lifes for good.

Felipe Pilotto