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Como podemos fazer a diferença?
How can we make the difference?
Comment peut-on faire la différence?
Come possiamo fare la differenza?
¿Cómo podemos hacer la diferencia?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Natalia Chacon e Pâmela Côto

"...MISS PRIS - (Calling) Cecily, Cecily! Surely such a utilitarian occupation as the watering of flowers is rather Mouton's duty than yours? Especially at moment when intellectual pleasures await you. Your German grammar is on the table. Pray open it at page fifteen. We will repeat yesterday's lesson.

CECILY - (Coming over very slowly.) But I don't like German. It isn't at all a becoming language. I know perfect well that I look quite plain after my German lesson.

MISS PRISM - Child, you know how anxious your guardian is that you should improve yourself in every way. He laid particular stress on your German, as he was leaving for town yesterday. Indeed, he always lays stress on your German when he is leaving for town.

CECILY - Dear uncle Jack is so very serious! Sometimes he is so serious that I think he cannot be quite well.

MISS PRISM - (Drawing herself up.) Your guardian enjoys the best of health, and his gravity of demeanour is especially to be commended in one so comparatively young as he is. I know no one who has a higher sense of duty and responsibility.

CECILY - I suppose that is why he often looks a little bored when we three are together.

MISS PRISM - Cecily! I'm surprised at you. Mr Worthing has many troubles in his life. Idle merriment and triviality would be out of place in his constant anxiety about that unfortunate young man his brother.

CECILY - I wish uncle Jack would allow that unfortunate young man, his brother, to come down here sometimes. We might have a good influence over, Miss Prism. I'm sure you certainly would. You know German, and geology, and things of that kind influence a man very much.

[Cecily begins to write in her diary.]

MISS PRISM - (Shaking her head.) I do not think that even I could produce effect on a character that according to his own brother's admission is irretrievably weak and vacillating. Indeed I'm not sure that I would desire to reclaim him. I'm note in favor of this modern mania of turning bad people into good people at a moment's notice. As a man sows so let him reap. You must put away your diary, Cecily. I really don't see why you should probably keep a diary at all.

CECILY - I keep a diary in order to enter the wonderful secrets of my life. If I didn't write them down, I should probably forget all about them.

MISS PRISM - Memory, my dear Cecily, is the diary that we all carry about with us.

CECILY - Yes, but it usually chronicles the things, that have never happened. I believe that memory is responsible for nearly all three-volume novels that Mudie sends us.

MISS PRIS - Do not speak slightingly of the three-volume novel, Cecily. I wrote one myself in earlier days.

CECILY - Did you really, Miss Prism? How wonderful and clever you are! I hope it did not end happily. I don't like novels that end happily. They depress me so much.

MISS PRISM - The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means..."

Oscar Wilde

Monday, October 17, 2011

Luciano Freitas

"The dream of a man
is a whore with a gold tooth
and a garter belt,
with false eyebrows
light pink panties
high heels
long stocking with a very slight
run on back of lefyt stocking,
a little bit fat,
a little bit drunk,
a little bit silly and a little bit crazy
who doesn't tell dirty jokes
and has 3 warts on her back
and pretends to enjoy symphony music
and who will a week
just one week
and wash the dishes and cook and fuck and suck
and scrub the kitchen floor
and no show any photos of her children
or talk about x-husband or husband
or where she went to school or where she was born
or why she went to jail last time
or who she's in love with,
just stay one week
just one week

and do the thing and go and never come
for that one earring on the dresser."

Charles Bukowski


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pedro Coelho Andrade è James Dean

“Non farti mai dire dagli altri chi devi amare,                                              e chi devi odiare. Sbaglia per conto tuo, sempre.”

Domenico Procacci

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Valentina Seabra

"A manhã raia. Não: a manhã não raia.
A manhã é uma coisa abstrata, está, não é uma coisa.
Começamos a ver o sol, a esta hora, aqui.

Se o sol matutino dando nas árvores é belo,

É tão belo se chamarmos à manhã,
Começarmos a ver o sol...
Como o é se lhe chamarmos a manhã?
Por isso se não há vantagem em por nomes errados às coisas,

Devemos nunca lhes por nomes alguns.

Alberto Caeiro