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Como podemos fazer a diferença?
How can we make the difference?
Comment peut-on faire la différence?
Come possiamo fare la differenza?
¿Cómo podemos hacer la diferencia?

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Amaro Gomes

"One day I came away from my house disappointed and angry because of a poor job some painters had done for me. My friend waved to me as I went by, so I went into his shop for comfort. He let me go on talking angrily about the poor work and careless of present-day workmen. "They had no pride in their work," I said. "They didn’t want to work. They just wanted to collect their money for doing nothing." He agreed. "There’s a lot of that kind around, but maybe we should not blame them. Maybe their fathers had no pride in their work. That’s hard on a boy. It keeps him from learning something that is important."

"What can be done?" I asked.

He waited a minute before answering then looked at me seriously. "There is only one way. Every man or woman who hasn't inherited a prideful tradition must star building one."
"In this country, our freedom let search of us make his own contribution. We must make it a good contribution. No matter what sort of work a man does, if he gives it his best each day, he's starting a tradition for children to live up to." And he is making lots of happiness for himself."

Lois Mattox Miller